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The Best Guitar Shop Online

Thank-you for visiting The Best Guitar Shop Online, we strive to help you find the best deals online and only with reputable suppliers who will take care of you. Our suppliers will take care of you right from shipping the product to you and being able to return the product if you are not satisfied or if the product has been damaged during shipping or manufacturers defects. You will have access to the original manufacturers warranty.
The Best Guitar Shop Oline
Our site features guitars from the top manufacturers from around the world, United States, Canada and other countries where they manufacture quality products. We also feature smaller custom shops that have produced custom guitars for some of the top guitar players in the world.

We can assure you that we can point you to the best products through our site and we only feature products that are recognized as quality and professional products. We can also assure you that you will find the best prices on the products that we feature, we have already done the research to start saving you money right away.

Our site will feature all types of guitars and accessories for professionals, intermediate and the guitar player who is just starting out. Find out the history of the companies that we feature, you will be amazed at the level of craftsmanship each company has, some of these companies were part of the history of country and rock & roll.

Like most guitar players, you will also be interested in which famous player plays the style of guitar you are interested. We will feature custom guitars that are classic re-makes from Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Buck Owens’ guitarists.

We also would you like you to be aware that it is safe and secure to shop online, you will also save money and time. Shopping for a guitar and accessories takes a lot of time and money driving around the country to find the right guitar. So Shop online.
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Buy Electric Guitars at the Best Guitar Shop Online

For the guitar player who likes to use electric sounds in their playing, you can find the quality instruments for every level and price at the Guitar Shop. Electric Guitars can be used in all genres of music and can be used for playing lead or rhythm.

Buy Custom Guitars Online

Buy Custom Guitars Online

The best part of using a quality electric guitar is; you can get any sound you want with your guitar with the help of quality amplifiers and sound effects.

It is easier for a beginner to start out playing and practicing on an electric guitar because it’s strings are lighter and the action is closer to the fret-board, so it is easier on the fingers when you are just learning your chords and scales. Although, you want to play both electric and acoustic to build up your fingers.

Electric guitars have been around since the early 1900′s with different experimentation in amplification, it wasn’t until the 40′s and 50′s that they became really popular with the dawn of Country Music and Rock and Roll. Read about the pioneers of electric guitars on our site, you will find the history in each of the manufacturers and who started the companies. It’s not important that you learn about the history to become a great player, it’s just great information for you just in case you become famous and you want to get into a promotional deal where you are featured in an article with your guitar.

Click on the image below to view Electric Guitars

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You Can Find The Best Acoustic Guitars Here

Acoustic Guitars are great rhythm instruments, if you listen to any recording that has been produced in a studio, you will hear acoustic guitars in one or more of the layers to provide the exciting rhythm to the song. Acoustic guitars sound great when you just play the chords of the song and most singer song-writers will use an acoustic guitar as their main instrument for writing and singing the song at the same time.

Guitar Shop

Guitar Shop

You may have noticed, especially in County Music, you will see the front man or the singer using an acoustic guitar and he or she is usually at the front of the stage. That’s where you want to be when you become a great singer and a guitar player.

We feature the best quality acoustic guitars on our site with reviews about the instrument. We will also feature famous recording artists that use the style of guitar and why it is their preference for recording and performing. At times we will also feature recordings that the guitar was used to record a particular track. We have also located Youtube Videos where you can listen to a guitar player using the instrument just so you can hear how the guitar sounds.

It is important that you know how different acoustic guitars are made, the various woods that are used on the body and the neck to create the sound that the guitar is known for. The quality that goes into the manufacturing process is important to know, just so you know how to care for your guitar too. You want an instrument that is going to last a very long time, just in case you do become famous or known for your brand of music and especially how you play your instrument.


Click on the image below to view Acoustic Guitars


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We Feature Bass Guitars On Our Site

Bass guitars are a great instrument to learn as a secondary instrument if you already play guitar. It’s great for recording your own backup tracks for your practicing, this is something that we walk talk about more in our guitar lessons. Bass Guitar players are just as important as any of the other musicians in a band, and they are pretty hard to find, they are a unique person and usually of very humble character.

Guitar Shop

Guitar Shop

I learned how to play bass as a necessity because I didn’t know any bass players who would come to help me record in my home studio. It takes a while to learn, but if you already know how to play guitar, it makes it a little bit easier. It still takes practice and a lot of discipline because you are part of the back-beat to the music and you have to be totally synced in time with the drum track.

Our site features some of the top instruments and accessories for bass players that you can easily order online and with the best price and warranties. So shop at our site after reading the interviews and listening to the videos that feature the instrument. Take the time to review our whole site and please, I would really appreciate that you share and recommend our site to your family and friends. Share on Facebook and any other social sites that you belong…most importantly, make sure to book-mark our site.

We Feature Left Handed Guitars

For most of you people who are right-handed, there is whole world of left-handed people out there that would like to play guitars too. We are quite pleased to be able to feature left-handed guitars for you.

Most of you know that Jimi Hendrix was a left-handed guitar player, and he had to customize his own guitar so that he could play. You will see re-makes of his Fender Stratocaster below which is one of the classic re-issues of all time. Although the guitar was originally a right handed guitar, he just turned it up side down and made into a left-handed guitars.

Best Guitar Shop Online

Best Guitar Shop Online

You won’t have to turn a right-handed guitar upside down, these guitars are made for left-handed players right from the manufacturers. You may also look for statistics on left-handed guitar players on various forums, just do a search on the topic. We will also complete a page on our site on left-handed guitar players, you may find some interesting facts.

One of my nephews who is a left-handed guitar player who plays blues is one of the best in my family and one of the best guitar players in the area. You can see and feel the energy and the connection he has with his instrument, his sound is just so amazing. I will do a feature story on him, most of my nephews are guitar players and singers and I do play in band with them sometimes, when we can get together.

Vintage Guitars For Those Unique Sounds

Whether you are a collector or a guitar player who is looking to replicate that vintage sound from a particular era, we feature Vintage Guitars and stories about those guitars that helped shaped the sound of various genres in their early beginnings.

The Best Guitar Shop Online

The Best Guitar Shop Online

You will be amazed at the types of guitars that were used in the early 1900′s on through to the 50′s when Rock & Roll was the big buzz on the air waves. As I mentioned earlier, we will feature history on guitars and the companies or individuals who developed them. It required a lot of creativity and ingenuity to make these early guitars and we should be grateful to these early pioneers who brought us the electric guitars.

You Will Find Unique Custom Guitars Here Too

Once you start to review the custom shops of the top manufacturers, you will be fascinated by the options that you have with custom guitars. When you watch the videos of these guys in action with the details and special custom features that just makes a regular guitar look like an amazing instrument that would turn heads on stage, you will just have to get one.

Whatever custom feature you are looking for in a guitar, you will find articles, videos and pictures on our site and we will provide all the information that you need to order or get in touch with these guitar gurus. Whether it’s a classic paint finish, or a certain colour that you want, these guys can do it for you.

The Best Guitar Shop Online

The Best Guitar Shop Online

Be inspired, be creative and most of all, you owe it to yourself to have the best and most unique guitar on stage. As you are developing your own style and reputation as a guitar player of performer, you want the best and you want to be unique. Can you see yourself on stage, can you imagine the details of your custom guitar with you onstage as you are wowing the crowd. This can be reality, and the custom shop pros can make your vision become reality.
They really can, and you really can make your dream come true.

Find Beginner Guitars On Our Site

Even as a beginner, you should have a quality instrument. Most parents make the mistake of buying their kid a cheap guitar that sounds like crap. Don’t do that. Your child will appreciate a quality instrument just like a professional would. There are a number of reasons why you want a quality instrument.

Starting off with a quality instrument makes it easier to start out playing chords or scales because the action is set properly between the strings and the neck. When your child is practicing after the lesson, they will appreciate the sound they are replicating with the chords and scales they were just shown by the instructor. If that guitar can’t produce a great sound or a sound that is even close to what they heard, they may become discouraged and quit playing and practicing right away.

Guitar Shop

Guitar Shop

Depending on the age and size of the beginner, you can order various sizes of guitars too. There are 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 size instruments for youth. Even if you end up buying a cheap guitar, make sure that you get it set-up properly, just so the strings aren’t too high off the fret-board, that makes it harder to fret the strings and it is harder on the fingers. Some older fellas might say that this is good for learning, because that’s how they learned how to play.

Find The Best Guitar Amps

A great guitar guitar amp, or should i say, the best guitar amp for your electric guitar is essential. It doesn’t matter if you are just learning, an intermediate player or a professional player who plays on stage with a band, you want the best guitar amplifier right from the start.

So you do need this amplifier for practicing and you also want the same sound on stage and for every performance. I know that you will have to find a place to practice where you won’t be making to much loud sound for the rest of the family or bug the neighbours. The last thing you want is the cops showing up at your door inquiring about a noise complaint.

Finding the right amp for you is going to take some work and it will also be based on your own preference. There are many great amps out there that have also been used in most of the recordings of your favorite songs, if you are trying to replicate a certain song, then you want to get the amp, but make sure that it is what you want for the long run.
Guitar Shop
When I started out playing, I used to rent amplifiers, this may be a great option for when you are starting out. This will help you to make that decision because this is an investment that will cost you at least $400.00 to a $1,000.00.

We will feature guitar amplifiers with reviews and videos so that you can hear the sound, we will also find reviews from top artists that use the equipment and what songs they used the amplifier to record their album or song. You can usually find this on album covers, sometimes the recording artist will give all the details on what equipment they used to get the sound that was produced on the recording.

Find Quality Guitar Accessories

Sometimes guitars break from regular usage, from dropping them or from travelling around from gig to gig. Hopefully, you don’t ever drop you guitar, it’s one of the worst feelings when that happens and a part breaks during a gig. If you end up breaking a part on your guitar, you want to use the same quality guitar accessories to replace it with.

We also feature accessories such as picks, strings, sound effects and replacement parts for most guitar models on the market today.

Most guitar players may want to find a guitar stand, a music stand and a backing track system they can use to practice at home with. Finding all the right gear for you is made simple on our site. We will also feature stories from artists or musicians with their selections of gear and the experience they had with it.

Guitar Shop

Find the stuff that makes you comfortable in your practice or home recording studio. Start with a comfortable chair, desk and a great PC or Mac to use. You will also find some of the best app for your I-Pad or portable device, there are a lot neat gadgets to help musicians these days.

Feel free to browse our site, and remember to share our site with people. Sign up for our newsletter, we provide tips on worthwhile sites, apps, latest gear for guitar players and the home recording artist. That’s what I call myself, A Home Recording Artist, once you become fairly good a playing and singing, this is one the of the easiest things to do these days. This is something you will really enjoy doing, especially if you write and produce your own songs, even if it is silly song that may sound good for anyone else…just do it and you will get good at it…

Buy Custom Guitars Online

We can help you, if you are looking to buy custom guitars online, all the major manufacturers have professionals on their staff who have designed all the custom guitars for musicians of all genres. Visit my Custom Guitar Shop by clicking on the picture below.

Custom Guitar Shop


If you have any comments regarding guitars and accessories, please leave a comment below. Start a discussion.


Guy Monague

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