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Derek Truck in 1993

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13 Year Old Derek Truck

At Allman Brothers Band concert on July 4th 1993, 13 year old Derek Truck shows how to play the end of Layla.

Great playing on slide with this kid. Where is Derek Truck these days.

It’s moments like this I realize that, yes, real excellence is largely genetic. At age 13 I wasn’t sure how to grab my cock properly, much less an SG and a slide bottle.

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The next video shows Derek Truck in 2006 having a discussion on slide guitar.


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I love what he said about not wanting to see what a guitarist can do but how they can make him feel. If there is anything that describes Truck’s playing, it is his ability to invoke an emotional response. He makes me feel like I am listening to a smooth gospel singer with beautiful inflection. Not many guitarists can invoke those feelings.

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